Leader's Gift Blog: Favoritism - How Playing Favorites  Impacts Your Ability to Lead

Do you have favorites among your employees; those you consistently look to for important projects, promotions, and rewards? Do you look to them because they alone are deserving of the consideration, or are you showing favoritism?

You may not think you show favoritism, but chances are you do. According to a 2011 study at Georgetown University, 92% of senior business executives surveyed have seen favoritism at play with employee promotions, including 84% at their own companies.

On top of being illegal in some cases, favoritism is a problem because it breeds mistrust in you as a leader, lowers morale, and de-incentivizes your team.

Begin by giving yourself an honest self-assessment as it relates to favoritism. Do you show it? To whom? In what ways? Self-awareness of the favoritism you show is a great first step to acting more impartially, and ultimately it will not make you a great leader.

As detailed in A Leader's Gift, being open to all of your employees, not just your favorites, is one of the foundational qualities of great leader.

Be Encouraged,