A Leader's Gift Blog: A Leader's Gift at Home - A Spouse's  Gift

In an earlier post (A Leader's Gift at Home - A Parent's Gift), I introduced the idea of utilizing the qualities discussed in A Leader's Gift to be a better parent.

Parenting is only one part of our experience. How about your spouse or significant other? 

A phrase I repeat often is this: leadership isn't something you do; it's someone you become. Just as your children will feel the effect of how you lead at work, so will the man or woman you live with.

My wife, Janice, and I have been married for over 37 years and I am working harder on communication today than ever before. When I endeavor to respect her in the same way I suggest we respect our employees, life is better! 

Just as with our children and our employees, we should be open to our spouse's dreams and individuality. We should invest time in our relationship that is meaningful and focused. In working on our communication with our spouse, we should really listen (Real Listening) to what he or she has to say to us. 

Why shouldn't you point out her strengths (Showing Appreciation - Part 1) and share a specific example of it in your life together? Why not encourage him in the areas he is attempting to improve and grow in?

I challenge you to make a real effort to incorporate the 5 Gifts in your family life for 30 days and see what happens. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Be Encouraged,