The Power of the Present: Harnessing the Here & Now

Each day brings us an opportunity to connect with those we lead in a genuine, meaningful way. Those interactions are an important component to our overall strategy in becoming effective, giving leaders. 

It's easy in these moments, and in times of internal struggle or challenge, to get bogged down in the trials and problems of times past or in fear of what is to come. This nagging concern for the past or for the future chips away at productivity, both our own and our team's. We must learn to harness the power of living in the present in order to give our employees the gift of lasting leadership.

One way to help your employees stay in the present is to offer encouragement in completing the task at hand. Likewise, you can abstain from judging your employees too harshly based on past mistakes or anticipated failings in the future. 

If you have trouble with the idea of working in the here and now, try implementing some or all of the tips listed below into your daily life.

Focus on the task at hand: Don't let your mind wander to your next to-do or the heated exchange you had earlier with a client, coworker, whomever. Just do what you are doing right now and let the rest fall away.

Hear your thoughts but don't listen to them: This is kind of a tricky one and is more fully explained in an article on Paid to Exist. Let your thoughts occur rather than trying to quiet them but don't pay so much attention to them that they become a distraction. Treat them as sounds, not directives.

Drop Multitasking: This relates to focusing on the task at hand but deserves a second perspective given our societal affinity for multitasking. Don't try to do two or three things at once. Do one thing at a time with your full attention and you will do it well. You will also hone your skills at living in the present.

Do you find yourself getting caught up in thoughts of the past or the future? What advice can you share for living in the present? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Be Encouraged,