The Gallop Organization discovered that "employee engagement improves bottom-line performance... 2/3 of the businesses scoring above the median on employee engagement also scored above the median on performance." 

Five Leadership Gifts that will promote you as a leader, engage your employees, and grow your bottom-line.

Dear NSA Friend,

Every company and organization is looking for the next great leader.

You know who I am talking about - the man or woman who can successfully lead a team to achieve bottom line results - a lasting leader.

But lasting leadership isn't something you do it's someone you become. I asked myself for years: "What were the traits lasting leaders had in common? What were the things as a young leader I was missing? What was it in some leaders that could motivate employees to extraordinary performance?"

That's when I discovered that the most successful leaders don't focus on getting, they're all about giving something away and they give away something that money cant buy - they give the gift of themselves. I observed these five gifts and began practicing them in my own life and sharing them with my clients. Decades later, the results are consistent - leaders who know how to engage their employees get better financial results. I have seen it personally hundreds of times. 

And now, I've put the secret to developing these gifts in one book: A Leader's Gift - How to Earn the Right to be Followed. Today you can find out exactly how to develop these gifts, engage your employees, and achieve the success you deserve.

Here is what Ken Wright, the former CEO of Westpac Financial Services, one of the oldest and most established international banks (founded in Australia), recently said about this book: "Barry understands the difference between being called a leader and being a leader. He challenges you to self-reflect on your style and this is a benefit whether you are an established, new or aspiring leader. His five gifts outline exactly how being a selfless leader can benefit your team's engagement, motivation, morale and bottom line."

Will these five gifts work? Best selling author and trainer of over 100,000 leaders world-wide, Brian Tracy, reviewed A Leader's Gift and made this statement:"This wonderful book shows you what to do to bring out the best in every person, and get greater results as a leader and manager than ever before."

I want you to become a lasting leader. A Leader's Gift will be released by Greenleaf Books on April 22nd but if you preorder the book today from Banther Consulting, you will receive over $750 of bonus leadership training material FREE. But you must order today before the release date of April 22nd. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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1.    An excerpt of the book with the table of contents and chapters one and two to whet your appetite.

2.    A one-year subscription to Barry Banther’s Lasting Leadership online video series. Each five-minute weekly video comes with a training blueprint along with key points, discussion questions, and an exercise for you to use with your team. These videos will ensure that your associates become fully engaged and develop their own leader’s gift.

3.    A Leader’s Guide to help you run a book discussion with your team.

4.    A Leader’s Gift videos – 13 videos that take you inside each of the gifts of a lasting leader and how to apply those in your life.

5.    A link to over 250 7-minute podcasts that cover the essential disciplines of successful leaders. This is over four years of weekly study material to improve your leadership ability.

6.    A free download of Barry’s highly recognized e-book, How to Manage Up in a Down Economy: 17 Strategies for Business Financial Success.

7.    Best Practices from trusted advisors that Barry depends on: Donna Cutting, CEO of Red Carpet Training Systems; Eric Papp, founder of Results Based Seminars; and hall-of-fame speaker, Barbara Glanz.

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      Donna Cutting, author of The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-­‐Carpet Customer Service, is giving her inside secrets 21 Days of Thank Yous. Taken from her highly acclaimed customer service training program, these 21 days will radically improve how your team delivers customer service inside and out and it’s a free bonus gift with your purchase of Barry’s new book today.
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Over $750 of cutting edge leadership training material FREE with the purchase of A Leader's Gift - How to Earn the Right to be Followed. These bonuses are only available to those who preorder the book before April 22nd.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER or call Banther Consulting at 800.977.7234 to place your bulk order today and we will invoice you for the books.