"Barry Banther shows how to cultivate the leader within. He shows how to get superhuman results by treating people like human beings. What is the leader's gift? Giving power to others so they can flourish."
– Fawn Germer, International Leadership Speaker, Bestselling, Oprah-featured Author, 4-time Pulitzer Prize nominee


“Barry’s five, simple steps reinforce the truth behind leadership: successful leaders give more than they take. A Leader’s Gift can help you fundamentally change your leadership style to get the best out of your business, your employees and the best out of yourself.”
Melinda F. Emerson, SmallBizLady, Bestselling author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months


“Barry understands the difference between being called a leader and being a leader. He challenges you to self-reflect on your style and this is a benefit whether you are an established, new or aspiring leader. His five gifts outline exactly how being a selfless leader can benefit your team’s engagement, motivation, morale and bottom line.”
Ken Wright, former CEO of Westpac Financial Services and award winning author of  The People Pill


“A Leader’s Gift gives smart advice about being a leader that makes a difference. Barry makes you feel like you’re getting coached by a friend, not an advisor.”
Peter van Stralen, author of C.A.R.E. Leadership, CEO, Sunshine Brands™- The Grounds Guys®, The Sprinkler Guys®


 “Easy-to-read, practical advice that helps you evaluate your leadership style and challenges you to do better by your company, your colleagues, and yourself.”
Lesley Hanak, Vice President for Human Resources, Savannah College of Art and Design


“Barry shows that the bottom line isn’t made up of numbers; it’s made up of human potential. A Leader’s Gift offers five actionable steps to help first-time leaders and C-suite executives tap that potential and get the best out of their employees. Implementing these simple changes every day will make a world of difference!”
– Laura Stack, speaker and author of Execution IS the Strategy, Past President, National Speakers Association


“This wonderful book shows you what to do to bring out the best in every person, and get greater results as a leader and manager than ever before.”
Brian Tracy – Author, How The Best Leaders Lead


"A Leader's Gift is the Philosopher's Stone of leading: an alchemy of wisdom, values, direction, and talent that produces golden insights. Banther gives the gift of this brilliant book on investing in and contributing to others."
-- Alan Weiss, PhD, author, Million Dollar Consulting and Thrive: Stop Wishing Your Life Away


"Unlike most leadership books, author Barry Banther has actual experience in the trenches of the business world!!! In A Leader's Gift, the author lays his entire career bare as a learning tool — the wins, the losses, and the hard won lessons — and gives the reader an extraordinary guidebook for today's leaders to follow. As a former C-Level Executive I HIGHLY recommend this book for your personal library. If you are serious about leading today's tech-savvy, independent thinking workforce, I suggest you immerse yourself in Barry's guidance."
Brad Szollose, Global Business Advisor, Web Pioneer, Cross-Generational Expert, Award-Winning Business Author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia


“The principles of great leadership resonate no matter how many people you lead. Barry can help you empower your employees and earn their respect and loyalty, whether you lead five or five hundred.”
– Connie Dieken, Bestselling author of Become the Real Deal and Talk Less, Say More


"I first met Barry at a National Speaker's Association conference and was immediately struck by his interest, encouragement, and caring for everyone he met.  Later I learned of his amazing Leadership skills based on Giving rather than Getting, Influence rather than Authority, and Putting People First.  He truly models the simple but life-changing principles in this powerful book.  His honesty, transparency, and use of real life stories will touch your mind, heart, and spirit, and you will be transformed to become a better leader, parent, and friend.  Both Barry and "The Leader's Gift" are truly gifts to our world!"
Barbara Al. Glanz, CSP, CPAE, Author of CARE Packages for the Workplace, The Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the Bagger(R), and The Simple Truths of Appreciation - How Each of Us Can Choose to Make A Difference.


"This book is an easy but important read about leadership learned through vicariously living and being."
Richard Schubert, Former President, American Red Cross


“A Leader’s Gift forces self-reflection that is valuable no matter how many years you have been leading. Barry makes you answer the tough questions about yourself and how you lead. A must read for any leader!”
Coley Herrin, President, PDI


“The correct words given will change a person’s life. A Leader’s Gift has the correct words on every page.”
Mark Jones, President of Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc


“A Leader’s Gift is a great way to reenergize your workforce by showing you are as committed to them as they are to the company. Even if you can only focus on one ‘gift’ per day, small steps make a big difference.”
Dr. Tasha Eurich, New York Times bestselling author of Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom Line Results and the Power to Deliver Both


“A Leader’s Gift is an incredible gift to all who want to lead well at work and at home. For 25 years, Barry Banther as generously poured the five transformational gifts of a lasting leader into my life, and countless others.”
Mark Merrill, President of Family First and author of All Pro Dad


“Barry shows you how to balance management and leadership, maintaining authority while gaining respect.”
LeAnn Thieman author of [GBG can choose with book(s) to list here: Balance Life in Your ‘War Zones’, author of 12 Chicken Soup for the Soul books – full list here: http://www.leannthieman.com/store/books/#warzones]


“Barry Banther courageously opens his heart and bares all so that we can become better leaders. Full of honest disclosure and lessons learned from a lifetime of leadership, A Leaders Gift is a treasure not to be missed. To provide outstanding service to customers, you must first provide that same service to your people. This book is full of immediately implementable ideas; not about parties, recognition pins and plaques - but the real behavior change needed to become a leader others will follow. Reading A Leaders Gift was a present I gave myself - it's one I encourage you to give yourself too.”
Donna Cutting, Author of The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service


“A refreshing, humble approach to leadership. By emphasizing empowerment instead of control, A Leader’s Gift stands out from the shelves of leadership books.”
Dr. Marta Wilson, CEO, Transformation Systems, Inc., Author of Leaders in Motion and Energized Enterprise


Barry Banther had the traditional (masculine) form of leadership nailed. He transformed his leadership to include ways of being – openness, honoring others, listening and connecting – that are more feminine in nature. His five qualities help us all become the more whole, and effective, leaders needed today.
Caroline Turner, author of Difference Works: Improving Retention, Productivity and Profitability through Inclusion

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